Friday, March 26, 2010

Miss Attittude

I finally looked through the pictures we took at home after we brought Blanche home from the hospital. I laughed when I saw this one. This little one apparently has had an attitude from day one. Watch out world!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easily Impressed

BG has been using the word "impressive" lately. I think it's pretty funny coming from a 3 year old. Today's usage had me laughing out loud.

BG: Mom, my poop is green.
Me: Ok honey.
BG: Is that impressive?

Yes, very impressive.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working Girl

It really is happening. I have to go back to work soon. I have to kiss my babies good-bye and drop them off to spend the day with someone else.

This whole time I have been thinking that it won't be too hard. After all, my manager has agreed to letting me job share. I have been mentally preparing for working 3 days a week. I can handle part time! But today I found out that in order to keep my exempt status (a very nice thing) I have to work 30 hours/week. My three days will only give me 24.

Thankfully my manager is great and willing to work with me. She is willing to let me work fewer long days or more shorter days. I can even alternate every other week to get in the hours - as long as it adds up to 60 over the pay period.

But now I'm bummed out. Technically I could say that I don't want to keep my exempt status and just punch the clock. But my manager made it clear that her preference is for me to keep that status. It really is nice to not have to punch the clock, worry about having lunch go a little long or being a few minutes late. But I didn't want to work 30 hours a week. I only wanted to work 3 days a week. *sigh

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And they smell good!

This is a funny conversation I had with BG the other day.

BG: I mell something.
Me: What do you smell?
BG: I mell cookies.
Me: Where is it coming from?
BG: The store.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Ponytail

Blanche is 7 weeks old yesterday. After her bath I thought I'd give a ponytail a try. She has lots of hair and I managed to pull together a little one of the top of her head. I was so excited I had to take some pictures. Getting out the camera meant BG had to get in on the action too. It's a little hard to see since her hair is dark and they are against a dark background, but that little white thing on top of her head is an elastic.

Blanche is fattening up. Her cheeks are getting heavier and more jowl-like. BG is a loving big sister. She helps a lot with getting me burp rags, binkies, etc. Yesterday I left them alone for a minute while I ran upstairs. When I came back down BG was putting Blanche back into her chair. I nearly had a heart attack and we had a discussion about who is allowed to pick up the baby. Three year olds don't make that list.