Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday was free day at the zoo (who knew?) so I took the kids with a friend. It was really nice weather (for Feb) and we had a great time. BG had so much fun running around, seeing the animals, and bossing her friends around.

At one point, they were both looking at the map and trying to decide where to go next. It was pretty cute to see them working together to plan out our route.

We went into the giraffe house. Blanche is old enough that she is really getting interested in seeing things. She loves to point and say "Dis, dis!" It's so amazing to watch her face as see sees and experiences something totally new for the first time.

We let the kids ride the carousel, which BG loved! When we go to the zoo on our own, we don't typically let her ride it because the line is always really long (and we're cheap). But since we got in free, I figured I could splurge for the $2 carousel ticket. Blanche loved watching the animals going around and around.

It was really fun time. It's been a while since we went to the zoo and $Free.99 is my favorite price. It was great to go with friends. BG loved having someone else to run around with.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Me Day

Today is my birthday. I am 29 (for the first time). Somehow, my hands look 80 with all the crazy dry weather.

Somewhere in the recent past, I have turned into my father because when BG asked me what I wanted to for my birthday, I told her "I want you to listen and obey." She laughed and said "No, mom. That's not a toy!" My Dad's standard answer to the What do you want question was "Good kids and a clean house."

My sweet husband arranged for a sitter tonight so we can go to dinner. Not having to find a sitter is such a great gift! I'm looking forward to a night out with JM. I think this is going to be a good year.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What's in My Closet?

Remember how I design and make jewelry? If you don't it's because I haven't done anything in well over a year. I've been having this nagging thought lately that I need to get back into it. Now sure why, but my brain just won't let go of the idea.

So, I'm going to have a Sale Trunk Show. I have a bunch of product that has been sitting in my closet while I was pregnant, had a baby, and dealt with life with 2 kids. I'm finally feeling good about our routine (it only took a year) so it might be time to add some jewelry back in. Back to my stale inventory. I don't feel like I can sell it for full price because it's old, but it's still good quality. Luckily, jewelry doesn't have an expiration date. After a little polishing, it will be pretty, shiny, and good as new. And for those who come to my show- a great deal too!

This post wasn't really meant as a marketing pitch, more a rambling thought process. Yet somehow it turned into that. I don't have a date yet, but I'm thinking late March/early April to give me time to put everything together and maybe even whip up some new things. I'm excited to start creating again. I'll post more details on the show when I get them figured out. You are all invited to come.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Recurring Dreams

You may have noticed, my blogging has really gone downhill lately. (If you haven't, you must not visit very often.) I'm feeling empty on the idea-front. Although I do like to use this as a journal of sorts (hence the kidlet posts) I also have a need to please. I figure if I can't provide something funny, thought-provoking, or interesting in some way, there's no sense in posting. Besides, who really wants to read about my boring day-to-day antics?

Having said all that, I've had several friends lately pick up blogging again after taking a break. I figure it they can do it, so can I. So here's a post for you loyal readers (are you still there?)

I have a recurring dream. I don't recall how long I've had this particular dream, but it pops up every so often. In my dream, I'm back in high school. Only I'm my current, late 20's self being forced to attend high school again. I keep thinking to myself "How can I not have a HS diploma, I have a college degree!?" Yet, there I am to fulfill the requirements of high school. I wander around the halls cringing at the cliques, drama, and all other things high school related. I feel my maturity compared to the other students. Then I wake up and thank the Lord that I don't have to go to high school again.