Monday, February 7, 2011

Recurring Dreams

You may have noticed, my blogging has really gone downhill lately. (If you haven't, you must not visit very often.) I'm feeling empty on the idea-front. Although I do like to use this as a journal of sorts (hence the kidlet posts) I also have a need to please. I figure if I can't provide something funny, thought-provoking, or interesting in some way, there's no sense in posting. Besides, who really wants to read about my boring day-to-day antics?

Having said all that, I've had several friends lately pick up blogging again after taking a break. I figure it they can do it, so can I. So here's a post for you loyal readers (are you still there?)

I have a recurring dream. I don't recall how long I've had this particular dream, but it pops up every so often. In my dream, I'm back in high school. Only I'm my current, late 20's self being forced to attend high school again. I keep thinking to myself "How can I not have a HS diploma, I have a college degree!?" Yet, there I am to fulfill the requirements of high school. I wander around the halls cringing at the cliques, drama, and all other things high school related. I feel my maturity compared to the other students. Then I wake up and thank the Lord that I don't have to go to high school again.


Ellis Family said...

I've had this dream before too!

Emilee said...

so funny; I have a similar reoccurring dream where I have volunteered to serve another mission and then the first day I'm like, "WHAT was I thinking???"

UK Yankee said...

Oh dear - that's more like a nightmare!! I'm starting to have stress dreams about this show I'm doing...the brain just does funny things to us sometimes.

(I'm a loyal reader, and I'm still here! Just blog when you want, and don't pressure yourself!)

Mary said...

I hated high school, and I agree, it sounds more like a nightmare! I have crazy weird weird that I rarely even share them with my husband or anyone else.
Don't feel bad about not blogging as often as others do. I've been very sporadic, but check in with my favs (like you) when I can :o)