Friday, January 28, 2011

BG-isms at 4

Yesterday, BG informed me that she wanted a dog. I told her to ask her father, which she did when he got home. He told her that if she was really good for a few weeks, we would start discussing it. WHAT!? Obviously we were not on the same page with this one.

Later she told me she wanted a unicorn. I asked if she would rather have a dog or a unicorn and she chose the unicorn. To get back at JM, I told her she could have a unicorn, but would have to talk Dad into buying it for her. She got really excited and started telling me all about where her unicorn was going to live and eat and all the things they would do together, including walking on a rainbow (obviously). I felt a bit guilty - perhaps I have taken things too far? When JM got home and heard her request for a mythical creature, he told her they can only be purchased in France, but aren't allowed on airlines.

BG is really into mermaids right now. She really, REALLY wants to be a mermaid. She keeps telling me that I need to take her to a "special doctor" to give her a mermaid tail. I'm not sure she understand what kind of surgery that would entail, nonetheless, she is insistent. I try to tell her she can be a pretend mermaid anytime, but she insists on being a REAL mermaid.

JM told her that she can't be a mermaid because she hasn't had mermaid lessons. Now she is fixated on getting the lessons. I told her that she would have to take swim lessons and not be scared of putting her face in the water if she wants to be a mermaid. So now we're looking at swim lessons.

BG loves family hugs. Anytime she sees JM and I hug, she yells "Family hug!" and runs to join in.

She likes to pretend to get married. She asks me to be the boy and marry her. We hold hands and spin in a circle. She has asked on numerous occasions that I find a boy for her to marry when she grows up. Somehow I don't think she will be so into my opinion on that later in life.


Riddle Girl said...

I think a Unicorn pillow pet is in order. (That is as close as we get to real pets.)
She is too funny!

Mary said...

I seriously laughed so hard that unicorns can only be bought in France...he's a smart one!

Good luck with the swim lessons, then the subsequent mermaid lessons :o)