Sunday, May 25, 2008


We bought a watermelon this week at the store. I know it's a little early and were really going out on a limb hoping it would be good, but we did it anyway. When we got it out tonight for dinner and The Child got really excited. I didn't think she would remember watermelon from last summer but apparently she does. And she remembered how much she loved it. I had to take a few pics of her and her watermelon.

Aaawww, so cute. Somehow it's not as cute when I can hear her screaming in the background as I type this. She is not happy about going to bed tonight. Does bedtime ever get easier? I was under the (apparently) false assumption that after we got our infant to sleep at night the sleep trials ended there. I was sadly, sadly mistaken.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jewelry Sale

I know. The economy is rough. Gas prices are through the roof. Food costs are increasing. So it light of this market, Jessica Strong Design has decided to not only slash prices, but offer 25% off those slashed prices. So check out the website again and consider treating yourself to something pretty! We all know your want to. Use the discount code of FF25 to get 25% off the already discounted prices.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I finally went today and got a hair cut. I am really bad about getting them, it is usually at least 3 months between, sometimes longer. So when I finally got around to calling for an appointment, I found out my stylist is leaving! I was pretty upset, but scheduled an appt with a different girl.
I went in and got the cut. The new girl was good, a little young and more chatty than I like but I really liked her suggestions for my hair. Here is the new look. I had to take pictures to post since my hair will never look like this again. Even though I do use the flatiron, it never looks as good getting it done in the salon. So here's proof that I do, on occasion, get my hair done.
Although, my sweet husband bought me a new flatiron for mother's day. It may not sound romantic, but I've been wanting/needed a new one for a while. The cheap one I bought many years ago take 15 minutes to heat up one side. The other side refuses to conduct any heat at all. I have yet to try out the new one, but maybe it will assist in my effort to get the "salon styled" look every morning. It's worth a shot!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Girlfriends :)

Earlier this week I was having one of "those" days. It was nothing in particular that the child was doing that got on my nerves. She was being generally whiny, hadn't been sleeping all week, and I was just done with it all.

Having the great husband that I do, he took the child and told me to call a friend, get out of the house, and take a break. It was a good thing too because I might have strangled her otherwise.

So I called a few friends. The first was going on a mother's day shopping spree and couldn't get together (what a good husband she has!). The second offered for me to come over the next night. So on that particular night I went up to my room a cried for a bit. I had to warn the husband in advance "I'm going to go cry. I'll be fine, it's a girl thing and I just need to let it out". He patiently watched toddler TV in the meantime. I felt much better afterwards.

The next night I went to my friends house. We didn't do anything fancy and had take-out pizza for dinner. But it was still such a welcome change and nice to have a girlfriend to talk with. The child was entertained by their dog and only melted down when it got close to bedtime. So all in all, a success!

Thank you to my friends who are there and willing to listen when I need an ear. Thanks for putting up with me being a bad friend who rarely calls. Thanks for being willing to watch girly TV and scrapbook and do other fun girly things that husbands just don't understand. You are the best!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mowing OUR Lawn

It may be kind of silly, but Justin was very excited to mow the lawn yesterday. We spent the morning at Home Depot purchasing a lawn mower, edger, and other yard care items. On the way out, we had a conversation that went something like this.

Justin: Today I'm going to mow MY lawn. I've never mown my lawn.
Me: I know. It's kind of cool that we will be taking care of our yard. I'm excited to have a garden too.

So I had to take some pictures of the moment.

You can't tell very well from this pic, but the lawn was in serious need of a good mow. The bottom half is mown and the top is the before. As I'm blogging this, Justin has told me I'm pathetic that I'm blogging about mowing the lawn. But hey, that's our life!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Noah's Ark

While in CA, we went to this really cool Noah's Ark exibit. (It's at the Skirball Museum in LA in case you're in the area) It's a kid-friendly, hands-on ark with all kinds of animals on it. There are stuffed animals for the kids to play with and the display animals are made out of all kinds of cool things. Everything from a huge metal giraffe to a turtle made out of a baseball pitchers mask. It really is hard to describe so I tried to take some pictures. The kids had a great time!

This Zebra was really neat. The haunches spun so it looks kind of like a hypnosis tool. Perhaps that was the plan for too roudy kids?
This is a shot of part of the art. There are animals sticking out of all the "windows". They were made out of all kinds of things. They had sheep made out of mops, an elephant made from metals with a twisted rope for a trunk.
Julie, Gavin, and Taylor sitting on the turtle. It was impossible to get a picture with all three kids. There was always one that wouldn't sit still.
Bentley kissing a snake. This was on the 2nd level of one of the rooms. You have to climb up a rope ladder/stairs to get there and then there were rope bridges. Some of the kids were scared to crawl/walk across the rope bridges because of the holes. It didn't even phase BG. She's one brave kid!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bouce House

Last week Justin was on yet another business trip so Bentley and I decided to take a trip to CA to see my sister. It was Bentley's first time on a plane and I was a little nervous about flying alone, but she did great! The airport was more difficult than the flight because she wanted to run around. She loves airplanes so seeing them so close was fun.

We did lots of fun things in CA but on the first day we went to the Bounce House with large inflatable slides and such. She was a little nervous at first, but after she got used to it, she LOVED the jumping. She also thought the slides were so much fun. After a while she refused to let me go down with her - she wanted to go all by herself. Some of them were pretty big too! Now her new favorite thing to do it jump. I took some cute video of her jumping on the inflatables. I'll post it later.