Friday, May 16, 2008

Girlfriends :)

Earlier this week I was having one of "those" days. It was nothing in particular that the child was doing that got on my nerves. She was being generally whiny, hadn't been sleeping all week, and I was just done with it all.

Having the great husband that I do, he took the child and told me to call a friend, get out of the house, and take a break. It was a good thing too because I might have strangled her otherwise.

So I called a few friends. The first was going on a mother's day shopping spree and couldn't get together (what a good husband she has!). The second offered for me to come over the next night. So on that particular night I went up to my room a cried for a bit. I had to warn the husband in advance "I'm going to go cry. I'll be fine, it's a girl thing and I just need to let it out". He patiently watched toddler TV in the meantime. I felt much better afterwards.

The next night I went to my friends house. We didn't do anything fancy and had take-out pizza for dinner. But it was still such a welcome change and nice to have a girlfriend to talk with. The child was entertained by their dog and only melted down when it got close to bedtime. So all in all, a success!

Thank you to my friends who are there and willing to listen when I need an ear. Thanks for putting up with me being a bad friend who rarely calls. Thanks for being willing to watch girly TV and scrapbook and do other fun girly things that husbands just don't understand. You are the best!

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