Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bouce House

Last week Justin was on yet another business trip so Bentley and I decided to take a trip to CA to see my sister. It was Bentley's first time on a plane and I was a little nervous about flying alone, but she did great! The airport was more difficult than the flight because she wanted to run around. She loves airplanes so seeing them so close was fun.

We did lots of fun things in CA but on the first day we went to the Bounce House with large inflatable slides and such. She was a little nervous at first, but after she got used to it, she LOVED the jumping. She also thought the slides were so much fun. After a while she refused to let me go down with her - she wanted to go all by herself. Some of them were pretty big too! Now her new favorite thing to do it jump. I took some cute video of her jumping on the inflatables. I'll post it later.


Ashli said...

so fun!

Julie and Carlos said...

Hmmm... you forgot to mention that Bentley's aunt Julie was sooooo cool and fun. Jessica thought the bounce house was too dangerouse and cool aunt Julie took her anyway. Bentley loved the bouncers and cool aunt Julie sooooo much in fact, that she prefered cool aunt Julie to her own mother.