Saturday, May 17, 2008


I finally went today and got a hair cut. I am really bad about getting them, it is usually at least 3 months between, sometimes longer. So when I finally got around to calling for an appointment, I found out my stylist is leaving! I was pretty upset, but scheduled an appt with a different girl.
I went in and got the cut. The new girl was good, a little young and more chatty than I like but I really liked her suggestions for my hair. Here is the new look. I had to take pictures to post since my hair will never look like this again. Even though I do use the flatiron, it never looks as good getting it done in the salon. So here's proof that I do, on occasion, get my hair done.
Although, my sweet husband bought me a new flatiron for mother's day. It may not sound romantic, but I've been wanting/needed a new one for a while. The cheap one I bought many years ago take 15 minutes to heat up one side. The other side refuses to conduct any heat at all. I have yet to try out the new one, but maybe it will assist in my effort to get the "salon styled" look every morning. It's worth a shot!

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Ashli said...

It looks really good! Also, I got a flatiron for mother's day 2 years ago. You're right, not very romantic, but still a great gift