Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Noah's Ark

While in CA, we went to this really cool Noah's Ark exibit. (It's at the Skirball Museum in LA in case you're in the area) It's a kid-friendly, hands-on ark with all kinds of animals on it. There are stuffed animals for the kids to play with and the display animals are made out of all kinds of cool things. Everything from a huge metal giraffe to a turtle made out of a baseball pitchers mask. It really is hard to describe so I tried to take some pictures. The kids had a great time!

This Zebra was really neat. The haunches spun so it looks kind of like a hypnosis tool. Perhaps that was the plan for too roudy kids?
This is a shot of part of the art. There are animals sticking out of all the "windows". They were made out of all kinds of things. They had sheep made out of mops, an elephant made from metals with a twisted rope for a trunk.
Julie, Gavin, and Taylor sitting on the turtle. It was impossible to get a picture with all three kids. There was always one that wouldn't sit still.
Bentley kissing a snake. This was on the 2nd level of one of the rooms. You have to climb up a rope ladder/stairs to get there and then there were rope bridges. Some of the kids were scared to crawl/walk across the rope bridges because of the holes. It didn't even phase BG. She's one brave kid!


Julie and Carlos said...
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Julie and Carlos said...

Wow! What a great looking mom by those two adorable boys! She must be super cool to have taken you to such a great exhibit!