Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby's First Birthday

One year ago today, I was given my second daughter. She was born at 12:52 pm after only 4.5 hours of labor. It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since she joined our family. In an effort to remember what is going on in Blanche's life right now, here is a list.

Food: Bananas, Mandarin oranges, blueberry pancakes, carrots, pears
Her sister - She will squeal when BG comes into the room.
Balls - She loves banging them together.
Shape sorter - She can push them shapes through the holes but gets frustrated that she can't put them in the correct spot yet.
Being upside down
Combs - holding them, not in her hair
Eating off the floor
Playing Peek-a-boo
Sucking on her blankey. It helps her go to sleep.

When mom takes away things
Being put down
Poopy diapers
Washing her face, especially goopy eyes
When BG takes toys away
Having bows or flowers in her hair

Self feeding and throwing food on the floor
Crawling, standing, cruising on furniture
Squawking, really loud
Putting objects into other objects
Pushing down on levers
Signing "All Done"
Pulling out hair accessories

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