Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Prep

Check out the button on my sidebar - 2 weeks from tomorrow is the due date! I'm at to the point where I'm huge and waddling and ready to be done.

I went to the Dr. yesterday and we discussed an elective induction. JM is really enthusiastic about an induction for the convenience factor. We are planners and he would like to be able to schedule time off work, etc. My Dr. says I'm a good candidate and was more than happy to schedule a time right then. I panicked a little and decided I wanted to think about it a little more.

I'm working on the baby to-do list and haven't packed a bag yet (I know, I know, it's on the list). Even though this is #2 for me, I'm feeling a bit nervous and worried about remembering it all. Since today is backwards WFMW, I'm going to ask all you mommies out there - tell me your essential new mommy advice. Anything from what I should be packing to how to deal with two kids (gasp!). I'm all ears.


Jay and Michelle Teerlink said...

The best advice I can give you on having BG get used to her baby sister is have her help you in simple ways once you are home. We had Kaden helping pick out her clothes, getting diapers and that really helped alot. We also let him hold her with supervison the moment she wasn't in the NICU any more. (remember both my kids are premis)
We didn't deal with most of the problems that come with having a new baby in the house. Kaden adjusted really well, but I also did my best to prepare him for her arrival (Jay was deployed at the time).

We were a little lucky with having Annabelle in the NICU for those first 5.5 days as it gave us time to get Kaden adjusted to having her around. (And half the county was on fire so she was much better off away from the gunk in the air). We also bought story books for Kaden on being a big brother and then gave him a special gift the day she was born so that he didn't feel left out.

Harper said...

My little guy is 1 now. From my experience, just don't let anyone make you panic if your kid doesn't match what the textbooks say. I know that sounds obvious, but it's really hard to remember in the moment. My little one didn't match any of the growth curves. I did everything the doctors suggested and they ran every test in the book. Nothing changed how he was growing. And it really stressed us both out in the process. In the end, I used logic and followed my gut and his lead. Ya know what? He's healthy and happy and that's all that matters. If you end up with a pediatrician who tells you differently or bullies you when things don't go according to plan, FIND A NEW DR! And that's what I'm trying to remember for next time.

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Well, first of all congratulations! Besides deep breaths while drinking in this special time of your life there will also be times of overwhelment and for that I recommend prayer.

I wish you all the best as a mother of two!

I'd also like to invite you to my blog on Wednesdays as I review a chapter a week of the book "The Power of a Praying Parent."

The Prudent Homemaker said...


I have never done an induction; we just wait here (and my babies tend to go 2-3 weeks overdue). I'm expecting #6 real soon, but it may be a little latr if I follow the norm of all of my others.

Don't worry! You can do this! A three-year old is a big help. I have one of those 2, plus a 1-year old. All I can say is--you'll get used to it, and figure out what works best for you.

Emilee said...

The first thing I thought of...Since you do a lot of feeding, BG might start feeling left out. Before feeding, grab some books or small toys and have her sit by you and you can read/play with during the feeding.

Beverlydru said...

Hi! I popped in from WFMW. I have 3 grown children and stayed with my daughter for 2 weeks this past summer when my first grandchild arrived. The second child will be a much easier adjustment than the first. Even though they are all different, you know the ropes. You have God-given wisdom about what to do you and you will be great. Enjoy the ride! Blessings to you.

Erin said...

We had Ethan buy Aidan a little present to welcome him to the family. He brought it with him to the hospital, and of course we let him open it himself. That seemed to help him. We also brought a couple of picture books to the hospital so I could read them to Ethan while Christian held Aidan, so that Ethan knew that he was still my boy too. It seemed to make the transition a bit smoother.

Jessica G. said...

(I HIGHLY recommend inductions...but then again, I'm also pro-c-section...)

Have BG pick out a "birthday" present for the baby, a stuffed toy or outfit, something that she wants to give. Let her help wrap it and then leave it in a visible location, like next to the tv. Then, when she's not looking pick out something for her and wrap it, stashing it in your bag to take to the hospital. She'll be excited to give her present to the baby when she comes to visit but it's special for her, too, because she'll get a gift from the baby as well!

And pack snacks/drinks for your husband or bring a LOT of change.

'Becca said...

I only have one child, but here are my tips for birth and baby care. I hope everything goes smoothly!