Monday, September 13, 2010

But I'm still putting in the hours!

I'm irritated today for several reasons. One of them involves a know-it-all co-worker (of sorts). The other one involves my HR rep (payroll actually, but I feel like lumping them all together). I'm channeling my inner Michael Scott.

See, I only work 3/4 time. I have set days for working but have been given the green light to switch my days as needed. I decided not to work on Labor Day (since no one else was) and instead work a different day within the pay period. Payroll is now telling me I have to take my very limited PTO for the hours on Labor Day or take it unpaid. My manager is on vacation this week so she can't back me up. Stupid payroll. Stupid unintelligible policies. Stupid job. Can I go home yet?


Ellis Family said...

I've dealt with similar things with my job. The school district wanted to not pay me for my medical leave when I was pregnant with the twins. I had to petition it three times before they finally decided that I did in fact qualify for a paid medical leave. Keep fighting it. Your manager will get back eventually and will hopefully help you iron it out. Annoying, but Good luck!

Mary said...

if you really want to channel your inner Micheal Scott, be sure to stand on your desk and mutter unintelligable things, and whenever asked a question by any employee, ask them a similar question that doesn't make sense...oh, and PLEASE get it all on tape :o)

My work is trying to 'make' me work while my husband is gone...granted, my contract says I have to pick up 2 shifts in a 6 week period...but HALF my paycheck would go to babysitting. So, we're still in negotiation. So far, none of them want to babysit :o)

Kelli Hawkes said...

that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Who cares as long as you get your hours in the pay period. Crazy! Good Luck! How are you by the way?