Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Wrap up

August has been full of a lot of firsts at our house. I keep meaning to upload pictures to go along with this, but that hasn't happened yet. Instead, I will just list them out.

  1. I took two kids on an airplane by myself.

  2. We flew to GA for a family reunion where my kids met many 2nd cousins, aunts, and uncles they haven't met before, along with 1st cousins, aunts, and uncles we don't see much.

  3. BG started liking the pool. She will now jump in from the side all by herself. She will also go down kiddie slides. This is a far cry from last summer where she screamed if we weren't holding her.

  4. Blanche's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. She can now say Emma (cousin), grandma, buckle, milk, ball, all done, shoes, and diaper in addition to her other words.

  5. BG lost her first tooth! She pulled it out herself at daycare and lost it in the grass before we even hit the car. We left the tooth fairy a note who graciously still left a dollar.

  6. BG lost her 2nd tooth only a few weeks later. We pulled it out in the morning before school and put it in a "safe" place. By the time bedtime rolled around, it had been dropped down the sink. Not playing with a tooth that came out of your own mouth is too much to resist. It's just too exciting. The tooth fairy still left a dollar with a note saying "Don't loose the next one!"

  7. BG started Kindergarten. She loves it.

  8. There are so many mosquitoes this summer. We were sitting outside the other day and I told BG that if she saw one on her, she should slap it to kill it. Not 2 minutes later a mosquito landed on Blanche's cheek. BG did as instructed and slapped her little sister in the face. I was laughing so hard while trying to console a startled toddler.

  9. BG cut her own hair. Really short. Right up front. It's not quite the scalp cut many kids do, but it's not pretty. Luckily it's a small lock of hair that I can hide if I part her hair deep enough. Not much else to do but let it grow out.

  10. I started studying for the GRE. Sadly, this is far from a first. I've already taken this graduate test once, along with the GMAT. I've started studying countless times. I figure that at least the test is good for 5 years if I don't go back to school soon. And yes, the first time I took it was over 5 years ago.

  11. We took the training wheels off BG's bike. She is still working on riding on her own, but getting pretty good at it.

  12. We bought another car. We have, on average, bought a car every summer since we've been married. That's a lot of cars. We are planning on keeping this one longer (assuming it doesn't keep breaking down like the last one). We are going on 3 years for my car, so that's an improvement.

Whew. Now you know why I haven't uploaded pictures. This post could easily be broken out into 10 different posts if I have the pictures to accompany them. This is also the reason why I haven't been around so much.

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Jessica G. said...

Hey, can we hire your tooth fairy? Ours runs about a week late paying for those precious teeth...