Monday, January 16, 2012

This and That and the Other Thing

Life is busy. Life is always busy, but I use it as an excuse for not blogging. Even in the last few weeks, we have had a bunch of stuff going on. Just since the year began:
  • I took the GRE. Ack! I am currently working on my application for graduate school to get an MPH (Masters of Public Health). I hope to start this fall for the 2 year program. I fully expect my blog to be pretty non-existent during that time. I will continue working while going to school and trying to balance a family and everything else.
  • JM has started hiking. He has always liked hiking, but has recently really geared up more for cold weather hikes. He takes the dog and they both enjoy it.
  • Blanche turned 2. The time flies by so fast. She is an independent, assertive, little personality. She is a mover and loves to explore. Party pictures to come.
  • We are starting to think about 1st grade. Even though BG is only half-way through Kindergarten, we have already received re-enrollment forms. I'm amazed at how early you have to start thinking about the next year.
  • We booked a condo for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! The kids don't know about it, because I don't need them asking daily if it's time to go to Disneyland. I, however, am pretty excited about it, even though it is a few months off.
  • We have a new daycare situation. I was not happy with the place they were at before. Now they are with a neighbor and friend who I trust SO much more. It is so nice to not stress about where they are spending their day and what they are doing/learning etc.
  • I started making a family calendar/whiteboard. The frame has been painted, but I need to do the rest. Hopefully soon and I can show that.
Whew. How's your new year been so far. Do I still have any readers out there?


Jessica G. said...

Hey, congrats on taking the GRE! Serious stuff! And you're totally my hero.
I'm thinking of making a magnetic menu board to help me be better prepared with my meal planning. Saw one at a friend's house and I'm totally going to steal her idea.

UK Yankee said...

I'm excited for your GRE results! That is awesome that you're going back to school!!

When are you going to Disneyland?

Welcome to Our Story said...

hey Jess, I read your blog! i'm much worse at updating mine, unfortunately. That's great that you're going to grad school. I think I might do that one day too, but not interested enough right now...just trying to enjoy these little kiddos as much as I can right now. Good luck with it all! how fun to go to Disneyland. We went to Disney World almost two years ago and it was the best. (It helped us that we had lots of other adults there to help with the kids.) I know you all will have lots of fun.