Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Morning Grind

It's been a while since I participated in a writing prompt from Mama Kat and with this last week's topics I just could resist. (Yes, I'm a week behind. Sorry of my life.)
1.) Is your child a morning person? Share a story, picture or list of reasons that supports your opinion.

After some of the mornings we've had at our house, I couldn't resist. BG is NOT a morning person. Must take after me. If it was socially acceptable, I would probably cry and scream and throw tantrums every morning too. But alas, there is no one at my house who would care. Here is a little insight into mornings at our house.

Tuesday after Memorial Day: Back to school and work. I layed in bed longer than I should have and it was 7:30 before I went into BG's room to wake her up. She was still asleep so I gently patted her and told her to get up. After my shower, when JM was leaving, he went in her room again to tell her it was time to get up. 5 min later I go in again, put her clothes ON her bed and tell her to get up and dressed. Another 5 min and she is at least sitting up and buttoning her shirt.

At this point I get Blanche up, dressed, do her hair and put shoes on. I also finish my hair and makeup. BG has finished buttoning her shirt and is staring lazily out the window. "Finish getting dressed Sweetie" I kindly request. I'm answered by a shrill noise, her burrowing her head in her pillow and a barely understandable "Don't LOOK at ME!!!!" through shrieks. I take Blanche downstairs, get her breakfast, pack lunches, start the crock pot.

Upstairs BG is finally dressed but no socks or shoes. I ask if she needs help and she burst into tears and shrieks at me for talking to her. I tell her that I am leaving in 5 minutes and if she isn't downstairs I will leave her. This only escalates her sobs. I go downstairs (which really gets her going).

A few minutes later she comes downstairs with socks and shoes on, still crying uncontrollably. We go back upstairs together to do her hair. She hasn't put on shorts under her skirt so I ask her to do that - more sobbing about how hard it is with her shoes already on. I help her get her shorts over her shoes and ask her to pull it up. I go downstairs, start the car and get Blanche strapped in. BG finally makes it downstairs, shorts on, red-faced and sniffling. She gets in the car with her bag of cereal and we head off to school, 20 min late.

Admittedly, this was a particularly rough morning, but it's not too far off from our typical routine. Unless of course you count  this week where BG has finally figured it out. She has been up and dressed before I even go into her room. She does her own hair and brush her teeth without being asked. All in time for school to end on Friday and the whole summer to slide backwards.


Banker Chick said...

Visiting from Mamakat's. Your post is so typical DD1 is not much of a morning person. One morning when her sister could not get in to the bathroom. I opened the door to shout at her, to find her standing in front of the mirror asleep. Now she is almost 40 and is only a morning person because she has kids.

UK Yankee said...

I'm much the same way in the mornings... ;)

kaye said...

I can relate, my oldest daughter was not a morning person and neither am I. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Mary said...

Neither one of my boys are morning people, especially if they are woken up instead of waking up on their own time. I'm a stickler for our schedule, and usually end up with one, or both, boys crying first thing in the morning and after nap time. It's a good thing crying doesn't bother me, or I wouldn't be good at my job!