Friday, April 18, 2008

iPod Shuffle

I saw this game on another blog and thought it was pretty funny.

Get out your iPod (or other Mp3 player) and push shuffle. Then list the top ten songs that come up. No skipping songs that you are ashamed to admit are on your iPod! Here is my list. Add yours to the comment section.

1. I can't be with you - The Cranberries
2. Stage - Live
3. Halloween - DMB
4. Find the River - R.E.M
5. Steamroller (live) - James Taylor
6. Crush - DMB
7. Mess - Ben Folds Five
8. Goodnight Elisabeth - Counting Crows
9. Just a Toy - BNL
10. My Lover's Box - Garbage

I am thinking I need to update the music on my iPod! Since I will be traveling soon with Bentley, I think there will be a large section of primary music and other preschool songs. Can you get "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" on iTunes?

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