Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tiny Tidbits

*** BG likes to hold up her middle finger and say "Dat bad." JM likes to accuse me of teaching her such gestures, but I really didn't! (Ok, maybe but not like that!) She did it one day and I told her that's not nice and we don't hold up just that finger. Since then, she has been showing off her new knowledge.

*** Last night JM was looking in the fridge when he turned to me and asked "Did BG drink my last juice box?" Funny, I thought we bought those for her, not Daddy.

*** BG insisted on having her hair curled today. It turned out really cute but takes longer than a wiggly toddler likes to hold still. I spent most of the time yelling at her asking her to hold still.


Jillene said...

hehe!! The first one reminds me of my post today. I love how kids repeat what we say/do. Good times!!

Meredith & Company said...

Ha ha! I know you are the queen of inappropriate finger gestures :) And the juice box story...classic. Totally something Grady would say.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift you sent home with Grady the other night. You are too cute. I would have walked over and talked to you in person last night, but I had my niece and my Mom with us and we had already offset the balance of people that I can keep track of on a walk! Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate the support from you (because as you know, there are many mixed opinions on working moms in our neighborhood). And, I need to get more scoop on another story that Grady came home from your house I'll be bugging you about that one soon!