Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

While I was cleaning my bathrooms this weekend, I got to thinking about anatomy. It reminded me of a question a fellow blogger asked recently "Why can't the male species aim?"

I must preface this by saying, JM is a very clean guy. I don't have much to complain about and he does have good aim. But I remember growing up when I shared a bathroom with my older brother & sister. It was nasty. My sister and I would fight over who had to clean the toilet because neither of us wanted to do it. We usually made my brother clean it, under the logic that he was the one with the bad aim making it dirty in the first place. (He has since grown up and I hope for his wife's sake, learned to aim. We haven't shared a bathroom since he was 14.)

All this got me thinking, would this be an issue if our anatomy were reversed? While (most) women tend to be more clean than men, if we were the ones taking aim, would our bathrooms be cleaner? Or is the fun of holding a hose that creates the problem, no matter whose hands its in?

Deep thoughts.


Mary said...

VERY deep thoughts ;o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those thoughts. I've had the same thoughts this past weekend. Obviously, my little Lane can't aim. Urine all over the place. I never dealt with this problem since I only had daughters, but I'm thinking we need to get the cheerios out to give him a target. :)

Kris said...

In their defense (maybe?) I wonder if some of it has to do with the inevitable splash and spray that occurs at the bottom of the, ahem, waterfall. Also, I imagine that the stream cannot be particularly consistent... naturally, with more pressure behind it, I think the beginning might require different spacing than that pesky final few drops.

All of which leads me to wonder why the comment, "but why not just sit down then?" is met with looks of horror and revulsion by men everywhere.

Riddle Girl said...

I 100% used to blame my hubby for the gross yellow ring that formed under the toilet lid. Then when the girls got their own bathroom (that he never uses) I noticed the gross ring was still appearing. Then I watched my girls was them all along.
Yes...I apologized to the hubby.

Julie and Carlos said...

All I have to say is that the bathroom that Carlos and I share takes 5 minutes to clean and the bathroom that the boys use takes close to a half hour.... I've have since started making Gavin clean it. He always pulls faces when he gets to the crusty brown and yellow parts.... yet it hasn't helped him aim any better!