Saturday, June 26, 2010

Through the years

I love when people post birthday pictures of their kids through the years. It's fun to see how much they have grown. I have never done so because my photos have never been all in one place where I can access them.

I spend the last two days rearranging our digital photos onto the external hard drive. I organized everything by year then into seasons or events. Now I can finally, quickly find a picture of BG when she was born. Oh look! There's one from the hospital.

Or maybe one when she's a little older - 6 months and just learned how to sit up on her own. Bammo! Christmas pictures.

1st birthday? It was a big to-do complete with burnt fingers and her confused by cake.

By 2 she had the party and cake thing down. She was loving being the center of attention, the camera, and all things sugary.

At three she felt so grown up. I had a hard time believing my pudgy baby was gone.

Here we are at four I am still in shock that she has grown up so much. She is turning into a little lady! My how the time flies.
Being able to find my pictures is also nice when people ask me, does Blanche look like BG did? Since I (obviously) don't remember, I can pull up a picture of Blanche and compare it to BG's from the same(ish) age. Nope, they really don't look the same, unless you just mean the cheeks. Those match.

Blanche (top) & BG (bottom) - four months old


Mary said...

your girls are absolutely beautiful. And don't feel bad, the only thing in common my twins have is the last name!

Kris said...

Man, your kiddos are super cute. I am dying about BG at 2. Holy cow.

I hate this post, though, because I am freaking out about Bug growing up. 8 months old, Jess. EIGHT MONTHS!