Friday, August 27, 2010

Pool Party

Last weekend we went to California for my nephew's baptism. While we were there, we also went to a birthday party, spend time with family, and spend lots of time in the pool.

I was a little nervous about BG in the water. Mostly because the few times we have gone swimming this summer she has been terrified and refused to let go of JM the whole time. My sister borrowed a life jacket for her to wear and it made a huge difference. She had a great time with her cousins.

Blanche enjoyed some time in the sun and LOVES the pool. She was so happy splashing away in the water.

It was so nice to have a pool to jump in when it got hot during the day.

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Mary said...

That picture of Blanche is just TOO cute for words!! One of my boys loves the water, and the other hates it...go figure!