Monday, November 15, 2010

Vacation by the Numbers

Days on vacation: 9
Days home from vacation: 1

Average temperature on vacation: 75
Average temperature at home: 40

Heating on vacation: Not needed
Heating at home: Broken

Beaches on vacation: 4
Beaches at home: 0

Number of times cooking on vacation: 0
Number of times cooking at home: I have to do what?!

Servers & staff on vacation: 1500
Servers & staff at home: 0

Days in a swimsuit on vacation: 5
Days in a swimsuit at home: 0

Numbers of shows on vacation: 4
Number of shows at home: 0

Kids on vacation: 0
Kids at home: 2


Mary said...

Soundes like it was a huge success!

The Whitings in Philly said...

okay, so where did you go? I might have missed that if you wrote about it earlier...I'm having a hard time keeping up on all the blogs! It sounds like a cruise and it sounds wonderful!! Lucky you. Hope you're adjusting back to life okay.

Kelli Hawkes said...

And where was this vacation? Sounds like I need to go there!

Julie and Carlos said...

ha ha ha ha!!! I totally have 1500 staff at my house what's wrong with you???