Monday, May 16, 2011


As Blanche gets older, more and more people are saying that she looks like BG. I just don't see it. Then again, their personalities are so different that it is hard to see any physical similarities. And I just don't think they even look much alike. For a while I've been thinking I need to compare pictures of them at the same age to see if they look alike. I finally pulled out pictures of BG so I could have an equal comparision at the same age. Here they both are on their first birthdays.

Aside from matching chubby cheeks (we grow them fat 'roung these parts) I still don't see it. What do you think?


UK Yankee said...

I think they look very similar - and just like you, such gorgeous girls! :)

Jessica G. said...

I can't see the picture...oh, so sad... :(

Jamie said...

I don't think they look alike much at all. Blanche has way more of JM's side of the family's "look" in her than BG does. Wait, did that make sense? I think it's mostly in the cheeks though. From what I remember, they remind me a lot of Ava's cheeks. I have a feeling Baby J's cheeks are going to be the same. :) Karen sent me some of D's pictures from when he was born to 12 months, but there's not a bunch of cheeks in them. I wonder where in the fam they come from.

Kris said...

I think they look MORE alike now than when Blanche was first born, but there are lots of differences, too. At least in this picture, they have different shaped eyes.

The important thing, though, is how GORGEOUS they both are! That, and the cheeks.