Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's a Baby Cage!

Anyone out there a fan of Scrubs? Yeah, I know it's no longer on the air. But back in the day, we used to watch it all the time. There was a great episode where Carla is pregnant and having a baby shower at work. The Janitor gives her a dog crate and proudly proclaims "It's a baby cage! And a really good one too. Not like the one I had. This one has windows and everything." It's pretty funny.

Since pretty much everyone I'm related to is currently pregnant (ok, slight exaggeration), I've been working on baby shower gifts. These are the latest that I put together using my Silhouette.

We (meaning the Silhouette and I) did have a slight disagreement while working on this project that nearly resulted in a two-story fall from a window for one of us (it). However, I took a few steps back, waited a few days and tried again. The second time it worked much better. Just know that you should use the sticky carrier sheet when trying to cut freezer paper. It makes life much easier.

Ca-ute right? A green tie, blue boat, and orange helicopter. I'm thinking about writing "Fly Boy" under the helicopter, but we'll see if I have time before the shower. I like my Silhouette again, all if right with the world.

PS- If you happen to be the recipient of these adorable onsies, act surprised. :)


Kristina P. said...

Super cute! And I am a big fan of babies in cages.

Kris said...

Oh my word. These are SO cute. I love Scrubs, too. There is an episode or two focusing on the medical social worker, and, sadly, it's SPOT. ON.

Jessica G. said...

Wow, cute! Are they fabric appliques?

Jamie said...

Acted & was totally surprised! :) Thanks Jess!!!

Mary said...

So adorable!!! I want a Silhouette SO bad...but we just had to buy a riding lawn mower...*sigh* day!!