Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teacher Gift

Have I mentioned how much I love BG's school teachers? Yes? Well, that's because they are great! I have been really impressed with what she has learned so far this year and am excited to see her progress the rest of the year. I think I'm as excited as she is for their Christmas Program on Wednesday. I wanted to give her teachers something for Christmas that would not only be useful for them, but cute as well. I debated on a gift of home baked goodness, but figured they must get tons of that already.

I asked around on Facebook for teacher ideas as well as Pinterest. There are some really great ones out there that I'm excited to use over the years. Many of the comments on FB followed the theme of either:
  1. No candles, body lotions, or smelly products
  2. Gift cards are great
I've also heard in the past that apple and teacher themed gifts are way overdone. So even thought I really liked the pencil cup holders and apple shaped candy holders, I resisted. Instead I went the gift card route. Who wouldn't like a Target gift card? Much classier than Wal-Mart, but just as flexible for the receiver. Did you know their gift cards are scratch and sniff? These ones smell like peppermint. MMmmmmmmm, peppermint........

I put the gift card in a Ziploc bag (along with some fudge, I couldn't resist) and made these cute little toppers for the bag. It says "Thanks for keeping my learning on Target!" I made the bulls eye with my Silhouette, but it could easily be done with by hand or with circle punches. I distressed the edge of the largest red circle so it would stand out from the red backing. BG wrote "from BG" on the back.

Pretty simple, cute, and functional teacher gift! What are you giving the teachers in your life for Christmas?


Ellis Family said...

That's a perfect teacher gift! I would have been very happy to receive that from my students.

Kelli Hawkes said...

Very cute idea. I wish I had read your post 2 days earlier! O'well, I'll pocket it until the end of the year! Thanks for the idea
I love reading your blog and keeping up on your cute family.

Julie and Carlos said...

I love it. I was totally in overtired new baby mode when Christmas time hit and realized that I might want to do teacher gifts the day after winter break started. Maybe they'll get something nice to come back to!