Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a boy.


This boy worked very hard with a job and going to school. One of the few things he loved in life was his motorcycle. One day, this boy met a girl.

The boy and the girl fell in love and decided to get married. The boy didn't have much money to pay for a ring and the girl was unflinchingly ridged on what kind of ring she wanted. Since he was a good, hardworking, in-love boy, he decided to sell his beloved motorcycle to buy his girlfriend the ring she wanted. (Pause to allow for "Awwww"s.)

They got married and the years rolled by. All those years, he missed his motorcycle, but continued being the good, hardworking boy to support his growing family, their needs and fun family vacations.

One day the boy decided he needed to be reunited with his first love, the road. Luckily, the girl understood and agreed to let him purchase a motorcycle. It was shiny and fast (yet reasonably priced).

And the boy and his motorcycle lived happily ever after.

The End


Kris said...

This is a very sweet story, and your trauma social worker friend is going to work very hard to forget she read the end of it. :)


Congrats to JM, though!

Erin said...

What a loving wife you are :) But really, that is great. Good for him.

UK Yankee said...

Yay for JM! It looks fast and fun!

Mary said...

Prior to kids, we both had bikes. Sold the first one because it was only a 600cc and I got too used to riding the 954cc while he was deployed. Then we sacrificed that bike to help pay for Nursing school (which was 2 years BEFORE the Army started the spouse aid program).

He STILL mentions how much he misses his bike, especially on sunny days. I'm being a mean wife and insisting he saves and pays cash. But, truthfully I want to save up and buy him one.

Such a good wifey!!

Kelli Hawkes said...
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Kelli Hawkes said...

Oh no! I feel your pain. This very object was a source of contention for us....(and still is slightly)Of course I lose and now we have 3 motorcycles in our garage....not sure how that happened. Good Luck!!