Monday, August 13, 2012

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

I have terrible vision. JM has terrible vision. We knew it was only a matter of time before our girls would need glasses. When I took BG to her pediatrician for her annual exam they did a basic eye exam and she was concerned with her vision. Her Doc suggested we take her to an eye doctor for a full exam.

This week we finally made her appointment and she was so excited. She thought the whole thing was pretty cool. Turns out, she does need glasses. She is also very excited about wearing glasses. Trying on different pairs was lots of fun for both girls. These are the ones she finally settled on. They should arrive just in time for school to start.

Blanche thought the glasses were awesome - these were her favorites. She looked like such a little diva.
Such cute girls in their new specs! I'm a little worried about a 6 year old being responsible for some (very) expensive glasses. Anyone have experience here? Suggestions for helping her keep them on her face or a safe place and unbroken? I did spend more on the nicer lenses in hopes they will wear better. And I bought the 1-year warrenty, because we're talking about a 6 year old here.

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