Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pink Sponge Rollers

Speaking of hair, Blanche's hair is finally long enough for her own right of hair passage. The pink sponge curlers! She was so excited to get curlers put in her hair. It was a little tough getting her to hold still long enough to put them in, but we managed.

She was so excited to pose for the picture, she couldn't even hold still long enough to take it. This is a common theme among pictures of Blanche, blurry body parts because she is always on the move.

 Showing off her curlers.

Funny story about the curlers. I put them in her hair after bath and put her to bed. A few minutes later, I heard her crying hysterically, like she had been beaten. I go in her room to see what was wrong and she tells me between sobs "My (sob) curler (sob) fell (sob) out". She held up one sponge roller like her world was ending. I calmly put it back in and she went right to sleep. The tragedy of a ruined hair style is not lost on her at 2.5.

In the morning, this is how her hair looked, all "co-ley". She loved it.

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