Thursday, August 7, 2008

Am I Crazy?

Today while sitting at my job, I was thinking how I'm not so into my chosen career path anymore. I'm not feeling challenged and interested in something new. I started looking at graduate school again - for the millionth time. This time I started browsing the MBA programs. I came home and told my husband how I was feeling and he is so great and super supportive. He encouraged me to explore what it is I really want and the best way to get there.

So, long story short - I'm researching MBA programs. I'm leaning toward an executive or part-time program so I can still work, but not sold on any one thing yet. Including going back to school! The though of graduate school leaves me constantly torn between two ideas. The first: that I'm still young in my career and if I'm going to spend the next 40 years doing something, it's worth doing what I really like. This means additional schooling is best done now, while I am young. The other idea: that I have started a family, would like to grow my family, and the ship of graduate school has sailed. I think I should be more focused on The Child and going back to school is best suited later down the road, after we've had all the kids and they are in school. It's a tough argument because I can see both sides.

So, am I crazy? How insane am I for considering going back to school with a 2-year old? Will I even be able to work FT, go to school, and be a wife and mother. Just the thought makes my head spin and the butterflies start up in my stomach. That will make The Child 5 by the time I graduate. Is it best to do this undertaking while she is young and we only have one or to wait until she is older and more self-sufficient? Will I regret it if I don't go? I'd love to hear your thoughts - especially you Meredith!


Jay and Michelle Teerlink said...

I don't think you're crazy. I can see both sides of this issue since my mom did work most of the time I was growing up and then Jay and I chose for me to stay at home with the kids. I have come to find that I am much happier being home with the kids than I ever was working. From my vantiage point you might be feeling this way because it is time to be at home with your little girl. Pray about your options and the Lord will help you out so much. Feel free to contact me any time if you just simply need a listening ear.

Carlos said...

Yup your crazy.


Jamie said...

Speaking as someone who is working full time and going to school at the same time, I say take your time making this decision. I don't have kids to worry about spending time with, and I am extremely busy all the time now. It's not an easy task. Good luck with you decision!

Summer and sometimes Chris said...

Don't listen to carlos the longer you wait the harder it will be to go back and you will only get more miserable at your job. USU has an MBA program you can do at night at UVSC

Ellis Family said...

In my opinion -- The sooner you go back to school, the easier, not that it will be easy. There's never an easy or convenient time to go back to school! I remember how my mom decided to stay home with the kids rather than getting her degree. I know that she was glad she stayed home, but I think she always wished that she had her degree too. She went back to school when we got older and it wasn't easy for our family, so I don't think there's ever an easy time to do it. My husband got his MBA while he was working full time with a little one at home and his first wife was in med school. He talks about how it wasn't easy, but I know he's glad he did it when he did. Will your work help pay for the MBA? You can always get your MBA now and then decide to stay home for a few years and use the degree later. Tough decision! It's nice that your husband is supportive!

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Julie said...

Just remember that longing for something different doesn't necessarily mean wanting something more - sometimes it means needing less in your life.

Kim said...

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