Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hairy Beast

I have a confession. I hate hair. I mean, I get really, REALLY grossed out by hair. Not the hair that is secured attached to a person - I'm generally ok with that hair. What I'm talking about is loose hair, shedded hair. I have long ago recognized that for this very reason I could never be a hair-stylist. I would be too busy gagging the in washing sinks to actually do my job.

Lest you are concerned about me being biased about the source of hair, rest assured, I am not. My own fallen hair grosses me out as much or even more that anyone else's. I try to do my part after showing. When I pull loose strands from my head, I deposit them in the garbage can. But I can never get them all. After using the blow dryer, there are many more that fall to the floor. Those are the ones that trigger my gag reflex. The ones on the bathroom counter. The stray ones that land elsewhere throughout the house. I have decided the only way to eliminate these unwanted visitors to my bathroom is to shave my head. However, I love the attached hairs too much to let them go. There is a fine line between my love and hatred for hair. And apparently that line is a firmly grasping follicle.


Pondfamily said...

Thats funny.. I really dont like loose hair myself. Dallen loves any type of hair. He is always twirling my hair. Anyway I just bought one of those irobot vacumes and it does a great job getting the floor clean. The other day I was emptying the vacume and there was hair wrapped around the brushes. I had Matt take it off. It was really gross. I was surprised at how much hair you lose just walking around your house. YUCK!!!

Jessica K. said...

I don't really like the hair on the bathroom counter, either. I don't gag, but I don't find it attractive. I found that those clorox wipes thingers are really good for getting them all up after flat ironing. The pre-moistened-ness makes getting all those dastardly hairs off the counter a breeze. You should try that.