Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Shopping

This year we are going really lean for holiday shopping. We have informed all the relatives that we will be spending less and what we are spending will go to other families who are in greater need than ourselves. After all, do I really need more sheets or another sweater? We have been incredibly blessed and would rather help those who are having a difficult time this year.

Having said all that, we are still getting BG some gifts. I'm not so cruel to not give a child any sort of Christmas. With all the talk of how horrible the economy is and people losing their jobs, I'm curious what all of you are doing this year. Is the economy creating a pinch in your holiday shopping plans? Take the poll on my sidebar. My answer is we'll be spending less than we did last year.


Kristina P. said...

Honestly, we're spending about the same.

Meredith & Company said...

We're doing a similar thing to you. We went shopping last night with Grady's entire family and did a sub-for-santa through United Way and it was awesome! It was so much nicer to buy presents for a family that needs them than more stuff for us--particularly my kids, who just string out all their stuff all over the basement anyway. I was just watching a thing on the news, and they recommended that everyone be careful with budgets and not sticking things on credit cards this year. I have to agree! Although, it's hard to stick to the plan when I get shopping :)

4riddles said...

We are spending about the same on our little family. I try to stick to our "3 Gifts" tradition (Want-Need-Meaning), but sometimes I get carried away getting things for the girls.
As for the relatives, I just tried to get a little more creative this year. Photo DVD's are fun to make and give!

rychelle said...

hi! annike gushed about you when we had lunch together, so i just had to stop by.

i've really enjoyed reading through your blog.

i am cutting back a little this year and have "adopted" a family through a program we have on campus. it's a nice way to realize all i have and am thankful for while helping out someone in need at the same time. win win.

Emilee said...

we are doing less for dh & I, about the same for the kiddos.
fun blog--I had fun last night too