Wednesday, December 31, 2008


  • Everything is now her favorite. Her favorite game, toy, CD. She will grab it and exclaim "Dat my favwit!"
  • She has started telling me "I love you mostest". It's adorable and warms my heart every time.
  • She loves to point out big trucks while we are driving. This morning she spotted one and said while pointing "Dat big twuck! Wight thewe, Wight thewe!"
  • She also loves yellow cars. She will occasionally point out other colors, but if she sees a yellow car or truck, she gets very excited.
  • She understands the concept of too loud. Her new piano has a volume control and I tell her to turn it down. She looks at me with the most inquisitive look and asks "Dat too loud?"
  • Anytime I call something big, she tells me it was actually little. If she coughs and I say "That was a big cough!" She will say "No, dat little cough."
  • She is very concerned about others eating her food. If she leaves the room, she has to make sure to tell Mommy or Daddy "Don't eat my soup!" Sometimes it takes some reassuring that Mommy will not eat her soup.


Erin said...

She sounds just adorable! And make sure to not eat her soup... :)

Mary said...

So cute!!

Jillene said...

How cute!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love new blog friends!! I will be a frequent visitor to yours (after this week is over). I am adding you to my blog list asap!!

I hope that you and your family have a Happy New Year!!

Columbia Lily said...

so guess what! You won my drawing today for the magnets! Email me with your top choice from the picture and your address! Congratulations!

4riddles said...

She is so stinkin' cute! It's good you took the time to write down (or at least blog) all the cute things she has said!

Vickie said...

Just stopping by to say Congrats. We are the co-winners of Columbia Lily's magnet buttons.

Happy New Year!

Cute post. I am going to miss the way my kids talk. I love this period in their vocabulary

Julie and Carlos said...

Well if you would stop eating her food all the time maybe she wouldn't be so worried!