Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

I have arrived as a blogger! I got an email from someone wanting me to review their product on my blog. I haven't responded.

BG's hair was really snarly the other day. Even after a bath, combing it was a challenge. She was wincing as I tried to comb through the tangles. I told her she had a rat's nest in her hair and asked what she had put in her hair at school. Her response: "A rat".

BG is starting to talk about her little sister more and more. After buying pumpkins (three, one for each family member) she told me that we needed another one for her sister.

When setting the table last night, BG got out spoons for the soup. She got out a baby one for her sister.

I bought the first baby items for Blanche. She got new winter sleepers and bibs. I'm hoping to use a lot of BG's baby stuff for Blanche, but BG was born in June and Blanche is due in Jan. There is going to be a weather difference to be accounted for. The bibs? Well, BG was an incessant drooler and her bibs have seen their best days. My favorites (after much trial and error) are the Carter's dribble bibs. They have a plastic lining so it takes longer for the drool to soak through to an outfit.


The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha what a quick-thinking little girl!

rychelle said...

"a rat" - hahahahaha.

Ellis Family said...

I thought I'd comment about your post concerning the H1N1 vaccination. Up until a few days ago I had the same feelings as you, get the regular flu shot, but the H1N1 vaccination seemed unnecessary and too quickly put on the market. I thought that people were making way too big of a fuss about H1N1. However, as a teacher, in the last week I've seen it sweep over our schools amazingly fast. It went from one case in our school to classes having 14 or 15 kids absent everyday. Maybe they aren't in the hospital dying, but if I can avoid that illness for myself (especially being pregnant) and for my children, it seems worthwhile. The pros seem to outweigh the cons so I'm going to go for it.

Riddle Girl said...

Please say you went ahead and got the 4th little pumpkin?!
She is such a sweetheart!