Thursday, October 14, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath

Many of you know about my love of candy corn. I'm pretty much addicted and I buy a large supply early in the season - usually when the stores first start selling them.

I've seen around the blogosphere many crafters making wreaths out of my favorite fall sweet and I knew I needed one too. So, I busted out my stash (I did buy more just to be safe), the hot glue gun and some modpodge and set to work.

I didn't bother making a tutorial because there are several already out there. But, in case you haven't seen them, here is the short version.
  1. Dry out candy corn by leaving out for several days.
  2. Assemble supplies: candy corn, floral wreath, black duct tape, hot glue, modpodge.
  3. Wrap wreath in duct tape (kind of optional, but I did it).
  4. Glue candy corn on as desired. I put them on the inside and outside of my wreath also.
  5. Modpodge everything. I did this to ensure I can re-use for many years without worrying about bugs.
  6. Tie on black ribbon and hang!

I LOVE it! Can I leave it up all year long?

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

That looks sooooo great! Be careful how you store it! I had pasta on a fall wreath and mice found it one year. Stupid vermin!