Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fragments: Halloween Edition

I have sad news to report on my candy corn wreath. Apparently, even with an insulating layer of modpodge, it was no match for the weather. We have had several big rainstorms and my wreath dripped down the front door into a pile of sucrose on the porch. I am too sad to post photographic evidence. RIP little wreath, RIP.

We have three Halloween parties to attend this weekend. BG is excited to dress up as Jesse (from Toystory). I made the mistake of mentioning using red hair spray/dye on her hair before deciding against it. This morning she was literally in tears over not buying it. I'm worried that it won't come out of her blond hair - yes I'm that vain over my 4 year-old's hair.

Ever have one of those rushed mornings where you finally get out the door when you realise you have forgotten something? I had one of those days this week - I forgot to put on deodorant. Sorry office mates!

My parents grew GIANT pumpkins in their garden this year. Seriously. Hundreds of pounds pumpkins. I stopped by this week to pick one up. I managed to get it from the garden, around the front of the house (up huge hills) before being bested by the beast. I couldn't get it into my trunk. IE I couldn't physically lift it into the car - I think it would have fit. So I left it on their front porch instead and took two smaller ones.

If anyone smashes my pumpkins this year, I will be very upset.


Kristina P. said...

So sorry about the wreath.

We finally carved pumpkins this year, for the first time in the 5 years we have lived here, and I am bummed! We live in a condo and our outside lights come on automatically, which means it's not dark for our pumpkins outside!

Kris said...

So, let me make sure I understand correctly: Blanche is a cow, meaning BG should be a cowgirl to complete the ensemble. But she wants to a princess, not a cowgirl. So you, cunning thing that you are, convince her to be Jessie from Toy Story? A "princess" who happens to wear chaps and a hat?


Jessica said...

We haven't even carved pumpkins. I'm choosing to just let it go. We did the pumpkin patch and I did a bunch of crafting instead.

Kris- I know, right! Sometimes my own genius is overwhelming. The fact that it acually worked is a miracle in and of itself.

Ellis Family said...

I was going to do pink hairspray in Amy's hair last year, even bought it, but then wimped out too. Don't blame you for being scared!

Meredith & Company said...

Okay, your deodorant story cracks me up. One morning when Elise was still a baby (and back when I was still auditing) we were rushing to get out the door on always. I was two or three appointments into the day, sitting at some poor woman's kitchen table going through her tax records when I realized something didn't feel right with my clothing. I had forgotten a bra! And, when you're not exactly flat-chested, that's kind of a BIG problem. I went around the rest of the day with my jacket buttoned up and with my arms crossed as much as possible. Just even remembering that cracks me up! There are no words for motherhood sometimes...

Bridget said...

Good call on the hair dye. I put temporary red dye on mine once and it didn't wash completely out. It was awful! I'm sorry about your pumpkins last year! I hope they survived this time around.