Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy Busy

June is always a crazy busy month for us. This year has been no exception. Here are a few other things we have been doing over the past few weeks and the reason my blog hasn't been updated.
  1. Swim Lessons for BG
  2. Chasing Blanche around the pool during swim lessons to make sure she doesn't jump in.
  3. Dance lessons for BG.
  4. Planning BG's birthday party.
  5. Attending birthday parties (two so far, another this weekend)
  6. Visiting with a new baby nephew.
  7. Hiking
  8. Planning Father's Day.
  9. Father's Day dinner with JM's side. (Last Sunday)
  10. Father's Day dinner with my side. (Next Sunday)
  11. Prepping our master bedroom for paint and moulding.
  12. Getting a new puppy.
  13. Making Popsicles.
  14. Planting flowers.
  15. Growing a garden.
This is on top of work, housework, laundry, yardwork, summer playing... The list goes on and on. I have been taking pictures of many of these events, I just haven't had the time to sit down and upload them to my computer. Maybe someday soon I will and you can see all the crazy, fun we're having. Until then, happy summer!

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Welcome to Our Story said...

I completely understand...we have been busy too but I haven't been able to write much on our blog. I'm always wishing I had more time to work on pictures and recording what we're up to... But instead I guess we're doing stuff which is important and what makes the memories. I'm excited to see you all soon!