Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sugar Rush

BG woke up the morning of Halloween bursting with energy. It may as well have been Christmas she was so excited. She got to wear her costume to school and came home and told me about the songs she sang and how she got to drink "Real root beer!" (Soda is not allowed at home.)

After school, she knew that she had to eat her dinner all gone or else she couldn't go trick-or-treating. She explained to Blanche about the dinner rule and tried to teach her how to say "Trick or Treat". The best we got was "teet".

We has a great time trick-or-treating. BG was constantly running ahead, but always thinking of her sister and getting her a piece of candy from the houses with too many stairs. Blanche loved walking around, picking candy, and putting them in her treat bucket. At one point, her bucket was getting pretty heavy so I tried to take it and carry it for her. She got pretty upset and was adamant that she carry her own candy.

All in all, a very successful Halloween.

The best part, was eating all their loot.