Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anatomy is hard

I continue to be amazed with all the things BG is learning in school. Kuddos to her teachers- they are doing a GREAT job!

Most recently, they are learning about the five senses. BG told me all about her eyes and how they are a ball. They view images upside down and the brain has to turn them right side up. Then she moved on to tell me about specific parts of her eye. She pointed to her eye to try and say the word "pupil", but what kept coming out of her mouth was another body part that also starts with P. I tried not to giggle as I helped her find the right word and informed her that she did not, in fact, posses that other body part. It gets confusing when it sounds so much like iris!


Jamie said...

She told me all about the bones in the body last week. She's one smart cookie!

Julie and Carlos said...