Monday, March 17, 2008


Justin and I both decided to take the day off and have a fun family outing. We went to the dinosaur museum with Bentley. She was both excited and nervous. She hasn't seen anything so big before. She didn't want to get too close but loved looking at them.

Sitting on the dinosaur.

Eating lunch after the museum.

She thought the dinosaur toes were pretty interesting. She likes her toes, so it was pretty neat to see some that were as big as she is!

Bentley liked the dinos better when she could look at them behind the protection of glass. She really liked the dinosaur scale. It tells you how much you weight and what dinosaur weighed the same. She's getting so big and weighs 25 lbs now! We had a great day at the museum! We'll have to go back again because she had a really good time. In fact, she was so tired that she fell asleep in her stroller on the way home.

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Gemma said...

Bentley is just the cutest thing ever (second to my niece) I love those cheeks! Sorry about the dentist!