Monday, March 24, 2008


Grandma was kind enough to buy an Easter dress. Bentley looked so cute in it and loved it! We had to put a long sleeve shirt under it since it was a little chilly. Here she is checking out the Easter basket. She thought it was so much fun! The Easter bunny brought her a new shirt, candy, a wood puzzle, wood hangers, and her favorites - a bouncy ball and bubbles. After it warmed up in the afternoon, we played out on the deck with her bubbles and bouncy ball.

For Easter we did a mini Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Basically, we threw a bunch of eggs around the yard and let Bentley run around and pick them up. It took her a little while to figure out that she was suppose to put the eggs in the basket. But she got it after a while. She had a good time and loved the eggs. It was even better when she discovered there was candy inside.

Running with eggs. Good thing it's not scissors!
I think she liked the basket better than the eggs. She loves to carry it around, which is funny since it's almost as big as she is.

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Bart and Ashli said...

Those are some great pictures. What a fun easter.