Monday, March 10, 2008

Family Update

Since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I'd give a quick update on what's been going on in our lives.
Live is crazy busy! Justin was gone for two weeks on business and is still catching up on work from his trip. It was hard to have him gone for so long. Bentley knows when Daddy is gone and tends to be more clingy, making life a bit more challenging.
We are getting settled back into our normal routine. I have had several programs for work which keep me busy. On top of all that, we are working really hard to get my jewelry business up and running. (Look for a website announcement coming soon!)
So even though life is crazy busy, it's good. Bentley is talking and picking up new words all the time. She loves to play outside and ride her bike. We are getting excited the the weather is finally starting to warm. We are starting our wish list for spring yardwork and we'll see how far the budget takes us. So if anyone has any great gardening or landscaping ideas, pass them my way!
I would like to get family pictures, but this is the most recent I could find. Christmas wasn't that long ago, so it's still fairly new.

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