Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gratitude Gone

So after the earlier post on how I have so much to grateful for, I'm feeling less gratitude after actually going to the dentist. It was not the quick fix I was hoping for, my insurance will only cover half, leaving me with a hefty bill. So while I'm not as grateful as I was, I am still reminding myself (over and over) that I'm still a lot better off than many others in this world.

Here's my gripe. I hate the dentist. (Sorry to all of you dentists, or wife's of dentists, or soon-to-be dentists.) It's really one of my least favorite activities. I think I would rather go to the OB than the dentist. Wait, thinking.... ok, it's a toss up. At least at the OB I don't get shots. But there are no stir-ups involved at the dentist. Hard to say. Even as much as I dislike the dentist, it's still not motivation enough to floss as I should.

In case you were wondering, here's a list of other things I dislike and/or find annoying:
1- Sweeping/cleaning/ mopping floors
2- The fact that women's dry cleaning is twice as much as men's.
3- The running sound the toilet makes when the seal isn't working properly (a recent home problem).
4- Cold weather when I'm ready for spring.
5- Bentley taking off her socks and shoes the minute we get in the car, even if it's only a ten minute car ride.

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