Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy Week

For the one or two loyal fans, sorry I haven't updated lately. It's been a crazy busy week, but here are a few highlights in brief.

1. The Man was out of town so I was a single mom for the week. Need I say more to those with children?
2. I got and accepted a new job offer! I will be doing health education for families of cancer patients at a local health insurance company.
3. Our garden started sprouting. This was especially exciting considering the recent trouble and the fact that my sweet husband planted popcorn kernels for corn plants. I know we are going to have to thin out the sprouts since same sweet husband planted them 2 inches apart instead of the recommended 24-36 inches.
4. I found a half glass of milk next to my husband's reading chair on the day he returned from his week long business trip. The grossness of the find can perhaps only truly be appreciated by my friend Summer who understands the history of experiences with week-old milk. Or anyone else who has made such a find.
5. I tripped over The Child on a family walk resulting in a bump and scratched forehead. The worse part was that not two seconds before this happened, The Man said we should be more careful or The Child was going to get run over.
6. The Child got a bloody nose at school today. Today was also the first day I let her wear the shirt we just bought for family pictures. Still hoping to get the blood stains out.

We are now relaxing watching The Incredibles (or the "Kre-bles" as The Child says). It's nice to have The Man home and the feeling of looking forward to a new phase in our lives as I start a new job.


Ashli said...

Wow, that is a busy week. Congrats on the new job, that is exciting. Good luck with everything.

The Mac's said...

So funny you should mention "the milk" because as I was reading that the image popped into my head and my face got all twisted as I pictured "the milk" then you mentioned me and I get the point:) Miss ya call me soon still wanting to see your new home while its still new:)