Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Secret Reveal

Yesterday my FIL and I brought home the Foosball table. The Man was less excited than I was hoping for. Is it too much to ask to jump up and down and squeal like a little girl? Perhaps.

Anyway, he's not feeling well so that played a big part in the level of excitement. Apparently I bought a good brand (whew!) and he does like it. We even figured out that we bought if from one of his old college professors. Small world! We did play a few games last night and since I was his only choice for a partner, I played. He of course, had to ask how much I paid for it. After I told him, his response was "Oh! That is a good deal". See, I told you it wasn't worth passing up. You may now send me my "Best Wife Ever" trophy.

He did tell me today that he told the guys at work about it. They were all jealous. Is it bad that I find pleasure in that? That's how I know he really likes it, he's bragging about it.

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