Saturday, June 21, 2008


Psssttt... come here.
A little closer.
Ok. Now I can tell you.... I have a secret.
I have a secret and I am terrible at keeping secrets. Well, not all secrets, but fun secrets. Serious secrets I will take to the grave. But fun, going-to-find-out-soon-anyway kind of secrets I am always just moments from bursting. I am a horrible gift-giver because I get so excited about what I am giving I can't wait to tell. And I have one of those kinds of secrets.

Wanna know what it is? Well, it's a great gift. A gift that places me in the throngs of "Best Wife Ever." A gift that will be so unexpected it will make The Man do a double take. A gift/purchase that would, under normal circumstances, never be purchased without spousal discussion and consent. However, I found a KILLER deal and couldn't resist Oh, did I mention I'm a horrible impulse shopper too?

I bought the Man a Foosball table! For your women bloggers out there, I know what you're thinking "A Foosball table? What are you running over there, a bar? A bachelor pad? You must have better than that!" That is precisely what makes the gift so incredible - it is totally for him. I would never, ever want a Foosball table. I will most likely use that table fewer times in my life than I will mow the lawn. (I have thus far mowed our lawn once.) His office has a Foosball table and he loves it. Some days the answer to "How was your day" includes more information about the Foosball games than actual work. He shows off his blisters with a sick pride I will never understand.

I was browsing on Craigslist and found a used one for a great deal. I was not even looking for such a gift but when you see something so great for such a deal, you can't not get it? Am I right? Or is that just the impulse shopping kicking it. Anyway, I went to look at it today and it's in good condition and a fairly nice one and I bought it! My Father-in-law is helping me pick it up on Monday so I can surprise The Man. Now you know. I am a great wife and a terrible secret-keeper. Oh, and please don't tell my husband!

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