Monday, September 29, 2008

Potty Update

An update for any of you who are interested. (Hey, Elise asked, so I'm posting!) BG is doing pretty well at the potty. She will notify me about half the time when she needs to go. She has even been pretty good about going at church the last few weeks. We bought the Pull-ups and they help as an incentive, but only some of the time. BG is pretty particular and lets up know when she wants to wear a diaper or a Pull-up. And if you try to get her to wear the other, watch out! If she is really into playing or anything else, she has a hard time breaking away to go potty. I think that's when we have accidents.

Still no success at #2 at home. She asks me to change her after she is done. She loves the M&Ms, so using those as a bribe are working out well. Sometimes I think she'll ask to sit on the potty just to get one, but we stick to the rule that she has to actually GO to get one. We brought the little potty onto the main level so there is a potty close by at all times.

Although daycare will help in the potty training effort, I keep wondering if that is inhibiting her progress. They have up to 6 other kids to watch and they potty/change diapers on a timetable. I keep wondering if I should take a few days (or a week) off work to stay home to do potty train. If she sat on the potty every hour would that help? She loves her big girl panties but not enough to keep them dry. So that's the update. Still working, but going well.


Meredith & Company said...

She sounds like she's just about there. Just do it on her schedule. For the record, I had tried several times with Elise before she just decided one day to do it. And then, there was no turning back. She was almost 2 1/2 at the time. Good luck!

Julie and Carlos said...

I hate you. Taylor is still streaming the pee down his legs. With no regrets.

The Smiths said...

Thanks for the update! I'm too chicken to really try yet. She sits on it a lot, but not much luck so far. Hang in there!

Summer Saldana said...

I kept a bunch of wrapped presents (stuff from the dollar store) in the bathroom. I just left them in a basket and every time he went poo he got to open one. That did the trick and days later he was poopin like a pro!