Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What I Love About 2

Last night I was thinking how I really ought to spend more time in the moment and appreciate where BG is. Although 2 can be tough with all the "NO"s and "Myself!"s and "Mine!"s, there are some really fun things too. Here is a recent list of things I love.

1. Asking "What's that?"
2. Asking "Where people going?"
3. Insisting on a hug and kiss before bed from the non-bedtime parent. (This might just be a way to delay bedtime, but it's cute.)
4. Getting excited to wear Big Girl Panties.
5. Getting a "we-e-wem" for going potty in the potty. (M&M)
6. Her intense fear of all flying insects and the fact that she'll run to me and hug my leg.
7. Her love of vacuuming.
8. Her emerging mothering. She tells me her baby wants to color, watch TV, or eat fruit snacks.
9. Pointing out the horsies and duckies on the way to New School. The duckies are always still in bed in the morning but she asks for them anyway.
10. Hugging random toddlers who are playing near her.


Mama's Losin' It said...

Don't worry Jessica. A couple emailed me to demand what was going on and I assured them everything was cat fights here. I could tell by your comment that you really were just thinking of the baby.

I once was at a grocery store with a man who was watching his toddle standing up in the seat of the shopping cart. He was totally unstable and going to fall. My heart was in my throat because you hear about kids falling from those things and cracking their heads open. I finally tapped the guy on the's just too hard NOT to say something in a potentially dangerous situation like that!! I love you too!!!

Julie and Carlos said...

Keep writing these things down because you really do forget!
Hugs, Julie