Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sweaty Part 2

For anyone interested, I didn't walk at work on my lunch break on Thursday or Friday. Meetings and other things came up. I did have my shoes with me, does that count for something? I did walk on Saturday morning a bit. There is a movie theater about a mile away so I walked there and back. I even jogged for a bit of it. I am so sadly out of shape that I am sore today from it. My thighs hurt and I have light shin splints. Wow, I need to exercise more often.

The hubby came home and told me he has decided to run the Capitol City Half Marathon next spring. As if he wasn't showing me up enough. Apparently a bunch of guys from his work have agreed to do it with him and one of the wives are on board too. So now he's pressuring me to "join the team". Yeah, I can barely walk 2 miles without huffing and puffing and he wants me to run 13?! He has obviously lost his mind.

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Julie and Carlos said...

Luckliy for me my husband would never pressure me to run a marathon because even with gym membership privilages, a late morning start job time, and a free personal trainer (Okay that may be a stretch, fitness instructor perhaps) he's never even been inside the gym where i work. He started playing basketball at church and I am thrilled thrilled thrilled that he's found a fitness genre he enjoys. No marathons for us though! Good luck Justin! Send us pics of crossing the finish line! (See you need Jessica on the sidelines to do this)