Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The never-ending To Do list

Today's Work for Me Wednesday is about list making/remembering/keeping.

I am a list maker. I like the organization of notes all written in a straight row with pretty boxes off to the left. I also like seeing my productivity as I check things off. Unfortunately, I'm not great about actually writing down my lists, so I have many mental lists floating around in my head. Mental lists are bad if you actually want to remember what is on those lists. (Funny sidenote. After telling BG one day my grocery list was in my head, she now asks me frequently if "It's in you head?" Yes, I wonder that myself sometimes!) Even when I do write them down, it's typically on a random scrap of paper that will get lost along with the vital information. Recently I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by my disorganized to-do list methods. So much so, that I downloads a To Do List app for my iPod. Today I started adding items into the app.

It's a bit daunting to see that I have 15 items on my list after thinking for about 10 minutes. I'm sure I'm forgetting some (or many) that will come to me at the least convenient time. Looking over my 15 item list, 6 of them are related to my latest attempt of a successful business -register with the city and state. The other are mostly random things needing doing in my life - buy BG black shoes for the wedding.

This list does not even include my normal everyday activities - laundry, housework, dishes, etc. Mostly because I like to see things get checked off my list and those are never ending tasks. Also no matter how hard I try, I won't forget them so they don't have to be on a list to remember them.

Since I won't (hope not to) lose my iPod, my list should remain secure inside. I hope this Works for Me! Click on the link for other great ideas.

Just thought of one more while writing this - take dry cleaning.


Future Mama said...

I hate my to do list! I always write them down on random things I loose too! And I too downloaded that application my my ipod touch and my husband ERASED it!! Ugh... yea, and he registered the ipod under his itunes so we couldn't get all that spiffy stuff I had and the $20 upgrade back... Ok well, I have an iphone now but I always forget I have the to-do list ap... Plus, scratching it off a piece of paper always seems to be more satisfying then checking that little digital box. haha

Sorry I wrote a mini book in response. I have a love for lists

ukyankoz said...

Where did you find the iPod app? I clicked on the link but couldn't find it!

Good job on getting organized - I love lists too! Mine have gotten depressing lately, tho, like 'paint the apartment' and 'get pregnant' - I think I'm going back to little things like 'shower in the morning' and 'feed yourself'! :)

Mary said...

I have a task list on my phone with's the only way I stay organized.
I really hope your new app works great!!