Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazy Week

This week has been busy and is only going to continue into the weekend. Here's what we have lined up at our house.

Wednesday: Delivered teacher thank you gifts to BG's current teachers. She will be going to the 3 year old class starting Monday. (Gifts were made earlier this week.)
Make sure all jewelry items are priced and packed for boutique show.

Thursday: Work. Take birthday party items to school for BG to celebrate with her current class. Rush home to eat. Go to the park to set up tent and tables for the boutique. (I was supposed to do a test set-up with the tent last night but that didn't happen. I hope I don't regret that too much tonight.)

Friday: JM and I are both taking the day off work. I will be working the Lehi Round Up boutique all day (9-8). JM will be watching BG and taking a much deserved day off. Make party menu, write shopping list.

Saturday: Lehi Round Up boutique again all day for me. Tear down booth. JM will be sent to the store to shop and prepare the house for a family birthday party on Sunday.

Sunday: Church (thank goodness it's not my week to teach!). Home for lunch and nap (BG, not me). Start on party prep. We will be BBQing for BG's birthday party. Party with family. Clean up.

Monday: BG's actual birthday occurs. The poor child will not know when her birthday really is since we will be celebrating it for a week in different venues. I'm hoping to take her shopping for a bike this evening but I may be too pooped.

Whew! I'm very glad that next week will be more relaxed.


Jillene said...

WOW--that is quite a busy schedule!! I hope that you get everything accomplished without any stress!! Good luck!!

Brook said...

You should add a fun filled trip to Logan to your agenda for the following know you will miss it if you don't :)