Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Sister Blues

BG is a great big sister. She loves on her baby sister, helps mom, and is generally very well behaved about the newest addition to our family. She has done such a good job adjusting that I haven't made any special effort to help them get along.

Now Blanche is 3.5 months old. She actually rolled over the other day (tummy to back). BG is starting to misbehave just a bit more. She is throwing tantrums and not listening. She gets up in the middle of the night and wants to get in our bed. I can't help but wonder if she is feeling a little left out. I wonder if she is feeling put off when ever I delay playing to feed Blanche. I wonder if she is feeling bad when she gets disciplined, but never sees us do the same to her sister.

Now I know that I need to make a special effort to help BG feel loved. I think she needs more individual time with Mom and Dad. She needs time to run and play and be a little girl without having to worry about being careful around the baby. Even as I write this I'm mentally searching our schedule to find the time to make that happen. Our days are busy. The days I work, there is not a lot of free time after the commute, making & eating dinner, cleanup, and getting ready for bed. The days I'm home, I have both girls and need to attend to both their needs.

I am trying to enroll BG in a dance class to help give her something that is just hers. The city class schedule won't be out for another few weeks. The studios don't have classes during the summer. The weather isn't cooperating for outdoor play the days I'm home.

I realize that I'm whining a bit here. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to help BG know she is special while still taking care of Blanche.


blueviolet said...

Boy, did I ever struggle with that when my 2nd came along! I really tried to take advantage of the baby's naptime to give her some extra TLC and attention but I felt so much guilt!

Ellis Family said...

I'm also worried about how this is going to go for Amy when the twins are born. I'm not exactly sure how things will work out, but I am counting on my husband to help fill some of her attention needs. The two of them are already close and I anticipate that they'll grow closer since I'll be so busy with the babies.

Julie and Carlos said...

Now you see what an annoyance you were when you were born.....sheesh needing to be fed and changed and fed and changed..... Good thing I have no memories from being 2 years old or I might not like you.....